Get rewarded for eating pizza?
You Betcha!

Join Pizza Lucé Rewards to earn points towards coupons and freebies,
checkout faster with saved orders, addresses, payments and gift cards.
And we never forget your birthday, so we'll also send free stuff!

How It Works

Eat Pizza!

Order Pizza Lucé and you'll get 10 POINTS for each dollar spent.

Get Rewarded!

For every 1250 points earned, you'll get REWARDED with coupons & freebies!

Eat MORE Pizza!

For every 5000 points earned, you'll get a FREE small specialty pizza!

Breakin' It Down

1250 Points

$5 Off

2500 Points


3750 Points

$5 Off

5000 Points

Free Small
Specialty Pizza

Earn Monthly Bonus Rewards

Turn Up Tuesdays

Turn up the number of points you earn on Tuesday from 11am-4pm and 9pm-close. Instead of earning 10 points per $1 spent you'll earn 20!

Spending bonus

Get an additional $5 off your next order after spending $200 within a single month!